• Class
    A simple, fast array of bits, represented compactly by an array of ints internally.
    Represents a 2D matrix of bits.
    This provides an easy abstraction to read bits at a time from a sequence of bytes, where the number of bits read is not often a multiple of 8.
    Encapsulates a Character Set ECI, according to "Extended Channel Interpretations" of ISO 18004.
    Encapsulates the result of decoding a matrix of bits.
    Encapsulates the result of detecting a barcode in an image.
    Set of CharsetEncoders for a given input string Invariants: - The list contains only encoders from CharacterSetECI (list is shorter then the list of encoders available on the platform for which ECI values are defined).
    Interface to navigate a sequence of ECIs and bytes.
    Class that converts a sequence of ECIs and bytes into a string
    This Binarizer implementation uses the old ZXing global histogram approach.
    Implementations of this class can, given locations of finder patterns for a QR code in an image, sample the right points in the image to reconstruct the QR code, accounting for perspective distortion.
    This class implements a local thresholding algorithm, which while slower than the GlobalHistogramBinarizer, is fairly efficient for what it does.
    Class that converts a character string into a sequence of ECIs and bytes The implementation uses the Dijkstra algorithm to produce minimal encodings
    This class implements a perspective transform in two dimensions.
    Common string-related functions.