Class Detector


public final class Detector extends Object

Encapsulates logic that can detect a PDF417 Code in an image, even if the PDF417 Code is rotated or skewed, or partially obscured.

SITA Lab (, (Daniel Switkin), Guenther Grau
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    • detect

      public static PDF417DetectorResult detect(BinaryBitmap image, Map<DecodeHintType,?> hints, boolean multiple) throws NotFoundException

      Detects a PDF417 Code in an image. Checks 0, 90, 180, and 270 degree rotations.

      image - barcode image to decode
      hints - optional hints to detector
      multiple - if true, then the image is searched for multiple codes. If false, then at most one code will be found and returned
      PDF417DetectorResult encapsulating results of detecting a PDF417 code
      NotFoundException - if no PDF417 Code can be found